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Connected With Latham

Mar 8, 2024

Following an array of ESG-focused regulation and escalating concerns of greenwashing risks in 2023, the year ahead looks to deliver significant industry developments at a rapid pace. In the UK, the FCA's Sustainability Disclosure Requirements (SDR), investment labelling regime, and anti-greenwashing rule will take effect during 2024. The FCA also plans to consult this year on incorporating standards set by the International Sustainability Standards Board into disclosure requirements for listed companies, and the FCA and the PRA are consulting on broader proposals relating to diversity and inclusion disclosures for larger authorised financial services firms. Meanwhile, firms attempting to minimise greenwashing risk must continue to navigate fluid standards and market practices. In this episode of Connected with Latham, the final episode in a 10-part series complementing Latham’s “10 Key Focus Areas for UK-Regulated Financial Services Firms in 2024” report, London partners Rob Moulton and Nicola Higgs and associate Ella McGinn discuss how firms should prepare for the plethora of ESG-related regulation, as well as how firms can mitigate greenwashing risk. They also explore whether new FCA rules will align market practice and set clear regulatory expectations, and highlight some of the global regulatory developments relating to ESG.


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